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A Messy Easter

I grew up with a different Easter than I possess now.  Like all elements of life and life's celebrations, we add to our experiences, hopefully deepening the meaning as we grow.


When I grew up, Easter was simple.  Actually, so many things were simple.  We were quiet farm people, living in a quiet community, attending a tiny church.  Social media didn't demand a specific response to Easter.  Pinterest didn't direct our celebration or inspire complicated meals, beautifully decorated cakes or fabulous table decor.

For us, Easter resulted in getting up Sunday morning, going to church, singing our hearts out to the traditionally always-sung "Christ Arose", "Christ The Lord Is Risen Today" and "He Lives".  Can I get an amen as to how meaningful (and difficult to sing!) those songs are?!!  Wow, we sang so hard.  Heaven came down.

We'd go home after church, eat dinner, hunt a few foil-covered eggs and go for a walk or drive through the b…

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