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Simply February

I have a luxurious day off today!

I'm such a wimp - I survived my night shift again this week but have slept poorly for the last several days and adding a post-night shift "let's sleep even less" left me one part angry/one part weepy yesterday afternoon, so much so that I put myself back to bed in my room on solitary confinement.

On top of that I realized that in the last 4 weekends I had been away by myself for 2 weekends, worked one and was sick for one so I really felt out of touch with my guys and myself.

When I woke today I had this eager restless energy of wondering HOW I could/should/would spend this day!!  One guy is at work for a long day (boo), one guy is off on an adventure for the day (yay) and one guy is still sleeping.

So there's lots of time for some random thinking.

I should.....

Read a book.  Quick, start that right now.  Which one - which one - WHICH ONE?  The stack beside my bed is at least 15 books high.

I should.....

Watch a movie.  ANOTHER …

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