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Room In My Heart

I've had a week off.

I've had a lazy day.  A grumpy day.  A day spent with family - celebrating wonderful things like someone moving to a new home (!) and my dad's 90th birthday!  Then I had a day where I tried to be productive but didn't get a lot struck off my list.  One day of working at something so diligently that I spent about 9 hours at the computer forgetting to eat or drink and ending the day with a headache.  I've done laundry.  Cleaned the house.  Cleaned the house again.  Made the suppers.  Bought the groceries.  Listened to the stories.  Read the news.  Mourned.  Rejoiced.  Worried. 

Looks like I'll need to do some of those things all over again today.

Clean the house.
Do more laundry.
Feed this family.  .....again....

And hopefully listen to more stories.

My dad sat in his recliner chair on Wednesday night and told us his life story.  He told many stories of what were likely his favorite years - working as a young adult in logging camps up north. …

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