Monday, 25 July 2011


We are back from Summer 2011 Adventure #2 - Family Camp at Living Waters Camp.  If you remember this post ( - then you have a vague notion of where we were except this time we returned under much different circumstances!  No cooking required from us this time!

Dean and I and the boys have attended this camp together for several years.  Truthfully, I have attended this camp pretty faithfully since I was 9 years old, minus a few years when I wasn't able to go.   Can't begin to guess how many years I have wandered around that camp, looking for several things - rest, friendships, faith-deepening opportunities.  And now our boys are there, experiencing the same things we have.  Pretty cool.

We are so blessed to have an ever-enlarging circle of friends there - they start out as "camp friends" and some/many make their way into being "life-long friends".  Over the years we've seen each other go through challenging times and good times, we watch each others' kids grow up, we laugh a lot, pray together, cry together sometimes (okay, lots of times), eat  (and how!), play, sit by the fire and tell stories, read, sit on the beach ....  I guess we spend a lot of time together, eh?!!  That's all a part of the refreshing that IS LWC Family Camp.  So nice to be surrounded by loving people.  It's a beautiful place to be.

That's why it's a bit of a let-down when it's all over.  You participate in life with this precious circle of people ...... and then it's all over and you come home, back to "normal" (whatever that is). 


Oh well.  I guess I need to put on my big girl pants and carry on!  So glad I have such good memories to draw on, though.  I am blessed.

Soon we will be leaving for our third and final Summer 2011 Adventure #3 and I'm looking for help!  (We've really packed a lot into Summer 2011; it's unusual for us to be doing so much.)

Adventure #3 is simply a week at the lake in our tent trailer.  What I'm looking for is suggestions for cold lunches that can be hauled to the beach. Must be kid-friendly, i.e. no salads for these Dynna sons (sorry).  The "Captain Obvious" idea is sandwiches but you can only do that for so many days.  I want easy prep, easy storage, easy to eat, and easy clean up.

Hmm, and I'm wondering why it's so hard to fit ideas into those categories.... ?!?!?!!!

Surely there are experienced campers out there among you!  Help!  Throw me your ideas!  Send me your recipes! 

You would hate to see me waste away from lack of food.....  ;)

Saturday, 16 July 2011

For A Change

Wow, I took a look at the last blog entry I did here and the date was June 12.  June 12!!!  Yikes!  What have I been doing?!!!!

Well, let's see, there was work (+++), the end of school rush, more work, packing, travelling, returning, packing and getting ready to return again.

We took a major family vacation this year to the Maritimes.  I wish I could share all 1800 photos and 45 minutes of home movies with you.  I'm sure you're all dying to see them ALL.  Right?  Right????  Ah well, we have so many stories to tell, so many memories to cherish.

I seriously don't want to bore you here with the whole schtick.  But I do want to show you a wee taste of some great moments.

The boys travelled so well and were great adventurers.  I think the trip was well timed as their ages alone made them great travelling companions.  It also brought us together after a long, crazy year. 

You know, every kid struggles and succeeds in their own way.  Andrew succeeds at school, but struggled this year with a class room of kids that were hard to be close friends with.  And that bothered him.  All the more reason why these unsolicited poses from him meant so much to me.  He was so full of JOY!

These pictures, to me, tell the story of our trip.  We found something special there and we found something yet undiscovered in ourselves - the joy of adventure and, yes, still living life with that "go for it" attitude. 

That is so freeing. 

I guess that's why Andrew's pictures mean so much to me.  He has learned to celebrate the special moments with unbridled joy.  Reflects the joy already present in his spirit.  I love that.

And that's a good place to be.  I'm proud of him.  And I'm happy with our adventures.  We all had moments like this.  He was the only one to be overt about them.

Not that we didn't geek out a little bit over a few other seeing the young lady in this picture:

Isn't she gorgeous?  Her husband's speech wasn't too shabby either.  How exciting to be there for those moments.  I think the image will appear larger if you double click on it.

We came home with stories, pictures, a lot of rocks, sunburns, some shells, and more rocks, accompanied by the slight concern that our rock-laden luggage might be too heavy for the plane.  But we made it!

Sigh.  How I'd love to tell you every story and show you every picture.  But, we're friends, right?  Ask me questions and I'll tell you stories, and next time I see you, I may urge you to sit down and browse through our photo albums whether you want to or not!

For now, this time, the last picture I'll leave you with is the only picture that may even slightly be related to cooking.  With fond, fond memories of our last night, on the ocean, at Shediac, NB....

The Dynna Four, Canadian Travellers.