Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Out With The Old, In With the New Old - Resolutions Revised (or not!)

Well.  I guess 2015 is the new thing now.

I've been laid out with the Christmas sick.  You know, whatever virus happens to decide to strike just when I think I've survived Christmas.  I get one every year.  There was a whole lot of Kleenex and sneezing and napping and sore ... everything.

Christmas has been packed up and I'm getting used to the lack of "beautiful" in my space again.  As I decorated this year, there were some things that came together that took my breath away.  It's not that I'm a talented decorator, but some things just struck my heart and caused me to pause with wonder at the beauty and truth of The Birth.  I think I found Christmas in those moments so don't be a hater for me getting carried away in the Christmas prep department.  It's not about the decorating; it's about the meaning and I found it in spades this year.  In unexpected places.  I'm a bit sad to say good-bye to these things for another year but new life must come, right?  New wonder unfolds.

But Christmas is done and the new year is here.

I was sorting through a box last week.  It was a box that had been stored since we renovated our kitchen in 2010, labelled "things from on top of the fridge".  As you can guess, it wasn't very valuable, neither then nor now, if it could be in a box for 4 years and not missed. 

One item that was kinda fun was the paper originating in 2001 entitled "Phone List - Baby #2".  Can't believe that was still hanging around!  The flip side of the paper listed all of the visitors that we had in the hospital when Ben was born.  He was curious as to why we had a phone list and I had to explain that back in those days there were no cell phones and we had to PAY for a phone in our room so that we could call everyone to tell them that Ben was born!  Ha!

The paper from the box that intrigued me on a different level was my New Year's Resolutions from 2006.

Apparently I have not one ounce of creativity. 

Apparently I have not met my New Year's Resolutions for a good 8 - 9  years now.

I could literally rewrite Every.  Single.  Resolution. In.  2015.

Except one.

Hooray!  I have successfully met ONE resolution since 2006! 

<Eyes crossed>


So, here it goes, ladies and gentlemen, my past, present, and probably future New Year's Resolutions, verbatim, from 2006 with an updated progress report, circa January 2015.

1. "I will strive to be physically active in some way, shape or form on a regular basis, making sure it's fun". 

Yup.  Still stands in 2015.  Except now I'm probably (*&%) pounds heavier than I was in 2006.  I DID work out (once) this year but the Christmas sick has spoiled my ability to breathe deeply.  It is not lost on me that my current workout of choice is Richard Simmons "Sweatin' To The Oldies".  (Is that "to the oldies" or "with the oldies"?  I'm not sure.)  Regardless, there ain't no way this middle aged chick can learn all of those fancy dance movies that Richard assumes everyone can do so I ended up jumping around a whole lot, kicking my heels in the air, waving my arms like I just don't care.  I feel the beat, folks.


2.  "We will cut down on our pop".

We DID cut down on our pop.  It wasn't ever all that big of a deal over here but, hey, in 2006, the kids were 5 and 7 and it probably seemed like a wise parental move to eliminate it.  So, we did eliminate it pretty much.  And then.  And then!  HE started working for the local Coca Cola company in fall 2014.  Not that drinking pop is a pre-requisite for his employment but it does seem to find its way to the table a little more frequently now than since between 2006 to 2014. 

Okay.  Seems we have to keep working on this. 

Actually, I'd call that a success for 8 years, with a minor set back from Fall 2014 to present.

3.  "We will eat more healthy snacks".

Hmm.  Not bad, not bad.  Again, progress ebbs and flows.  I've stopped loading the pantry with store bought junk for the most part....does that count as success? 

But mama loves to bake.....

4.  "Family time will include more activities and less tv time".

If this isn't a sign of the changing times I don't know what is.  TV isn't the issue anymore; electronic devices are!  Sometimes these days we're really happy when we all manage to sit together and watch a movie ON TV!

This resolution can stay with the <edit> to read "Family time will include more activities TOGETHER."  Period. 

And board games.

Always more board games.

5.  "I will purposefully make choices that will reduce stress for myself and my family and promote a peaceful atmosphere for us all".

Come to think of it, I think I'm improving!  With age (ahem) comes wisdom (one can hope).

2014 was a noteworthy year for me.  I started my year with my mind firmly set on the Psalm "I have stilled and quieted my soul" and I took that very seriously as the year unfolded.  In spite of the ups and downs of the year, I did find that it is possible to choose what things hold you captive.  I suspect this will always be something that I will wrestle with but it's been a year of learning.  Interesting to note was that 2014 started with the whole "Be Still" mentality and 2014 ended with my favorite Christmas song being "Still Still Still", arrangement Renee Flemming/Kurt Elling.  It wasn't intentional, it just happened that the song captured me completely.  I am captivated by the knowledge that the principle of being still saw me through 2014.  Oh how I needed it.  Stillness.  Still do.  Always will.

6.  "I will search for and find God in a fresh and meaningful way".

I don't ever want to reach this goal.

As in, I don't ever want to find God stale and boring.

This resolution stays.

7.  "I will do what I can to reach for my dream of a trailer".

You have no idea how big of a dream this was.  And four months after I wrote it, we bought our first tent trailer.  Upgraded to a modest travel trailer in 2012.  Sometimes it pays to put your hopes and dreams on paper.  We are blessed.

We are still blessed and not because we have a trailer.

We just are blessed.

As I reflect on 2014, we have been gifted with many things that come in all shapes and forms reflecting opportunities and relationships, successes and failures, memories and adventures. Not every moment has been golden but not every day has had rain either. 

Wanna keep reading?  Cause I think I'll keep writing.